Monday, May 10, 2010

yes please

I rarely find things that I "really-want-and-might-HAVE-to-purchase" but above are a few treasures that have caught my eye.
TOMS premiered their new linen TOMS and of course the yellow are my favorite.
Every woman needs a signature perfume of some sort. Burberry orginial for women is heavenly, but as goes for any perfume please go by the less-is-more rule.
Finally, after much thought the last picture posted is that of my wedding band hopefully!

 The marquise solitaire ring that I have would slide into
the middle of the two bands above and look stunning:)


I was just at Panera with Miss Sarah, and after a delicious
 but simple breakfast we walked to Barnes and Noble.
We first looked at books about interior design and houses,
 but then as always we were drawn to the journals.
Our favorites were created by Chronicle Books and I thought I would share a few!