Friday, February 17, 2012

growing up

I recently unearthed some memories in the form of hundreds of pictures in my parents garage.

First- An ultrasound picture of myself!

 At our first home with my mother.
 And I look like my father in this picture...

My cousin Adam and I
 Adventure with Mom, Dad, and I at the river!
 With uncle Mark
 Cowgirl for Halloween

I had the best childhood but not because of  buckets of money or exotic vacations.

It's because I have the best family. They are supportive and fun.

Take a second and remember this weekend:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

savannah again

Alan and I had the opportunity to take a 48 hour little trip.

His work allowed us to go to Savannah and after the work was done...

Priceline got us a fantastic deal!


 Our View
 The Bridge
 Wright Square I believe
Lunch at the Wright Square Cafe
SCAD Student Center
Dinner at Moon River Brewery and Restuarant -This is fried green tomatoes and crab!!!

Savannah was fun and I am so glad we got to experience it together again.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Date Day

Often Alan and I work side jobs on Saturdays- our day off we have together.

So when we do get the chance, we like to fit a lot in.

We began with estate sales- which were very dissapointing but we ended up driving by Krispy Kreme
which had all these BEAUTIFUL vintage cars parked in front of it.

Our favorite:)

Next stop was Homewood! We went into all the little shops and the one featured below is quite brilliant.

 I was most intrigued by the room itself- the decor, the walls, the floor, everything was WHITE

 And our next stop was the furniture store across the street.
 How fun is that? A barrel turned end table!
And my favorite chair. Too bad its overpriced.
Maybe I can create a copy with estate sale finds and reupholstering it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

erika's birthday

One of my dear friends Mrs. Erika Berryhill had a special day not too long ago.

We celebrated with red velvet cake and temporary tattoos!
 25 years
 Lining up for artstic creations by the future Mrs. Tindol!

 Seth getting a classy chinese character on the back of his neck!
 It's a big commitment getting a tattoo on your face!
 Expelliarmus! (For those who don't get that- he has a lightning bolt tattoo on his forehead haha)

 Catch Phrase!
Birthdays are always fun and in my opinion- Very Important!

It tells someone you love them and you care about them.

So I leave with this- give a birthday card to your coworkers, take your spouse on a private camping trip, make cupcakes for your kid's classmates.