Monday, August 29, 2011

new home part 1

Here's a little peek into our new 2 bedroom apartment.

We are in the same complex but this one has the little bit of extra room we needed.

It was a bit of wreck when we moved in so it got a fresh coat of paint and a few decorative touches.

There is still a few things to be done, but its looking great so far.

I just started classes and working on my daily schedule.

 I'm really excited to consistently blog again, and I'll post a few of my graphic design projects soon!
 Alan shaving outside in the garden

 Outside of our apartment
 50 cent frames covered in leftover glossy white paint made for a cheap and satisfying project.
 We are going to put another couch here for seating and move the tv in the opposite corner.
 Our french doors leading out to our patio (which we will use when it eventually cools down)
 My aunt's window painting found a new home in our dining room.
 and so did our bookshelf
 Alan's first leather creation

 Small but functional:)
 In need of some flowers for my kitchen window:)

 Alan hung some creeping jenny in our bathroom window (the steam from the shower is good for them)

 Our bathroom mirror with vanity type lighting.

Friday, August 19, 2011


I can't wait for Alan and I to escape for a few days to celebrate our upcoming anniversary.

The photo above was taken about three years ago
 (the last time I went to the beach...yes it is very sad)

Alan and I are planning on going to the beach- either the Gulf or the Atlantic.

Hilton Head is tempting with it's bike trails and spanish moss hung off ancient trees,
while the Gulf has sugar white beaches and a deep sea fishing connection for us.

I am immersing myself into vacation planning today, we are wanting to go around Sept 23-28.

If you have any possible connections- such as knowing someone who could rent us their condo/house/etc that would much appreciated.

Meanwhile I'll be immersed in dreams of fresh seafood, salty winds, and the hot sun.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a table to dine at

Our apartment finally starting to feel like home!
 We painted our dining room- MarthaStewart Macademia

We moved my Aunt's window painting from the living room to dining room.
And also put a bookshelf into a nook in the corner.

We are still looking for something other than huge sheets of
butcher paper covering our windows, any suggestions?
We are also looking for some kind of chairs that will compliment our incredibly high table.

A peek at our dining room:)

 Ground beef, Carrots, Tomato Paste, Onions, Peas, Beer, Thyme.
 Top with slices of potatoes, butter and salt and pepper
Pop in the oven- 400 degrees for 45 minutes:)

A lovely cottage pie for dinner!

(You can also have ground lamb or turkey instead)
For the official recipe- click here

Friday, August 12, 2011

good friends and guns

In Alabama there aren't too many things to entertain the average tourist,
but if you would like to go off the beaten redneck path
then you should do what my friends and I did two weeks ago for our friends birthday.
Go shootin!
Alan and I
 He can protect me...
 but he also knows how to make me laugh
 and David (they are engaged)
 Erika (The wife of the birthday boy)
 Jennier and Chad
 Jennifer intensly focused
Eleanor and Andrew. They are getting married in November.
As my dad would say
"Congratulations, you are now ready for the end of the world.
Now all you need is 6 months worth of spam, bottled water and candles."


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a shower

I'm sorry I have been absent, for almost a month now. Here is one of the latest reasons why:
A co-ed shower for our dear friends Martha-Ellen and Nate.
 The Set Up
 Start Here
 Hummus, bacon dip, spinach dip, salsa, queso - served with pita and tortilla chips
 Fruit plate
 BBQ turkey meatballs, asparagus, and oven roasted potatoes
 Garlic cheddar toast

My sweetheart at work