Monday, April 26, 2010

surprisingly good

I love watching movies based on historical figures.
However movies such as: Elizabeth, The Duchess, and Marie Antoinette
 end with a beheading or the heroine having to choose duty over love.
This movie, although there is some conflict, is one of the greates love stories I have seen in a while.
Maybe one of the reasons I love it so much is it reminds me a little of Alan and I with the letters written, giggling over a chess game, and they way they want to go through
 life together without one person trying to control the other one.
It is beautiful ,suprisingly innocent, and a great story line.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

do it yourself

Ta Da! The two pictures above are projects from yesterday's rainy day endeavor.
My walls are now turquoise, with white trim, and the ceiling is a neutral.

We decided to just clean the beautiful (much loved) hardwood floors, deciding they would look better with a good shine then to be painted over.

We are touching up trim today and I will move my bed and other oddities into the room before I post updates!
I cannot wait to tackle the bathroom!
This is project number 354,904,923...I am joking sort of

This will be Amy and I's next project is to get the mismanaged cabinets
 looking similair to the set of drawers in the second picture.
We hope to have the majority of the drawers painted and ink color but with bronze distressed touches.

so close

I thought I could not assist God in growing something...but I did!
1st picture- Beans, Roma, and Baby Pepper
2nd picture- Spinach
3rd picture- delicioso cilantro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is amazing to watch something so insignificant grow into something so beautiful.
Yes normal plants can be beautiful, not just flowers.
I think humans are drawn to plants and nature in general because it is so close to God's original plan.
No man made additives.
Pure beautiful natural gifts from God.
I cannot wait to put these gifts to use

Thursday, April 22, 2010

belle mariée

Darling accesories from Untamed Petals and again..BEAUTIFUL construction of the dress.

Definitely considering the latter of the hair accesories for the big day, who could resist?
This is my second visit to Starbucks today, I will appreciate having internet at the house
so very much when we get it installed next week.
I have this weird craving to wedding plan today, weird right?
But alas today is not a day for that, with a storm ravaging the land
Amy and I are going to paint my room the "hot" color of the year... turquoise!
We peeled the top of the can and loved the color so much that we painted a swatch up
on the kitchen ceiling just because
....oh amy:)

Monday, April 19, 2010

bridesmaids should still look lovely

This is the Kennebunktport dress from ModCloth (Vintage Inspired by Indie Designers!)

I love the shape of this dress and think it would be flattering on all the ladies.

I think I will choose alternate colors though and if we can get away with it,

maybe some incredibly delicious TOMS too.

rummaging & recycling

This past Friday night everyone in Pelham had a chance to put anything out on the curb that they did not want. My uncle George and I went around neighborhoods looking for "treasures" and did not come up empty handed!
My finds of the night were the following:

Porch swing, Rocking chair, Office chair, Vintage Suitcases, Recipe Box, Desk, Lamp, Two Shutters, Bathroom Sink, and A Few Other Oddities


I'm thinking of painting and then hanging the shutters on a wall inside the house somewhere and using it as a place to have mail or magazines or maybe as an almost inspiration board.

Maybe sanding down the rocker just a bit and adding a fresh coat of paint.

After some serious cleaning, we will put those suitcases on display somewhere...

I will post all the amazing diy happenings of these beautiful free items!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

old souls

Coming up with date ideas is not that difficult once you get a little creative.

Instead of just watching movies on the couch and eating takeout why not change it up just a bit?

Think of the things you both enjoy doing together.

Alan and I are old souls.

This summer will probably consist of us:

1.going to pick peaches and blueberries at a farm

2.relaxing on our porch swing

3. maybe a train ride

4. attending a symphony

5. picnic at the gardens

6. going to estate sales

7. visiting morgan creek vineyard
8. adding vintage flair to our wedding ideas

9. go to the farmer's market

10. read poetry under a big oak

There are so many things to do around Birmingham.

You just have to get a little creative.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

tempête de pluie

It feels so good to write again.

The overcast skies and the soft rain against the window makes for a perfect background.

Lately everytime it rains I can't help but remember the last scene in "Breakfast at Tiffanys" and have a chorus of Henry Mancini's "Moon River" escape my lips.

Yet another phrase comes to my head as well from Song of Solomon where the bride enquires the guards asking "Have you seen him whom my soul loves?"

My heart can relate oh too well with both women, having my own husband-to-be five states away from me.

You think I would be used to the distance by now since he moved back in June 09, but unfortunately I haven't. Goodbyes are hard I have come to find out. I think we should write a survival book for other couples who have to overcome the distance as well.
Beautiful songs to listen to on rainy days:
1. Possibility- Lykke Li
2. Meadowlarks- Fleet Foxes
3. La vie En Rose- Louis Armstrong
4. Sea of Love- Cat Power
5. You will not relent- David Brymer