Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Pie is so simple and good:)

This is my fourth time to make a pie, and I went with Alan's favorite... Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

The best pie dough recipe I have used is of course Martha Stewart and can be found here.

You can use any 2lbs of any fruit and toss with 1 cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon cornstarch.

Wearing Alan's Grandmother's Apron

Sweet Pie! Pretty simple right?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

minnesota summer trip part 2

The last few times I have been up to Minnesota... there was always snow. 

With all the snow gone, I experienced the summer beauty of Duluth.

Driving up the north shore.

So Happy


My dad trying to imitate a Neanderthal in a cave:)

Friday, June 29, 2012

minnesota summer trip part 1

The journey from Alabama to Minnesota is a long one...made even longer when accompanied by your parents and two sisters.

Farmland in Illinois.

Flat land everywhere... as far as the eye can see and then some.

I loved that there was wildflowers on the edges of the wouldn't let me stop to get some unfortunately. 

It doesn't look real.

Stopped in Wisconsin to see Alan's mom. Vera loves her watermelon:)

And of course Maggie is fascinated with the old water pump.

Made it to Duluth in one piece. 
Lake superior is incredible...don't you agree?


You can tell someone's excited to be home!

Had to get a shot of this right?

I was on an early morning jog when I was stopped by this...much more interesting than 280 traffic.


Cute Duluth


Enger Tower

The view from Enger

Mom and I! It was very windy!

Dramatic Maggie

Picked this before realizing its illegal to pick the flowers...even the wild ones:(

Thursday, June 28, 2012

northern estate sales

One of our favorite things to do while visiting his parents is go to estate sales! It is something Alan and I adore as well as the in-laws.

Of course, I want to buy much more than what would be reasonable to take back across five states.

To save money and storage space... I simply snap a picture of things I found, but don't want to purchase.

Yellow Poppies on dinnerware!

I had to talk my dad out of this one. I reminded him we live in 100 degree weather and this would be more appropriate to hunt down seals in the frozen tundra.

A sweet handkerchief...but honestly what would I do with yet another one?

I actually ended up getting this- a fancy clutch and six gray place mats.

If only these hadn't been so pricey...

Precious vintage cutters for those cucumber sandwiches and shortbread cookies!

Yes we get that birds are in now... but isn't this adorable? It is a silver salt & pepper set.

A print on some sheets.

Cute illustration on a match box.

$2 golden peanut necklace

Vintage cake toppers and they were actually half off the tag price... but what would I do with them if I purchased them?

All in all, it was very fun and we found quite a few treasures!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

hilton head island

I was fortunate enough to be able to join my mom and my sisters on their brief trip to Hilton Head Island the first week of June.

I had my first experience ever at Steak N' Shake and it was very tasty!

Simple burger, fries, and a cookies n' cream milkshake! 

Path to the beach from the house we stayed in.

Sage happy to be out of the car and on the beach...little does she know this will be the only day it doesn't rain.

Making the best of the overcast skies.

Sage walking on the beach.

Watch out for gators!!!

Bike ride through Sea Pines

This takes skill to shoot while riding ha!

Harbor Town

On the way home.

It was a wonderful trip, and even though it rained we were able to get a lot of bonding time in.