Friday, June 29, 2012

minnesota summer trip part 1

The journey from Alabama to Minnesota is a long one...made even longer when accompanied by your parents and two sisters.

Farmland in Illinois.

Flat land everywhere... as far as the eye can see and then some.

I loved that there was wildflowers on the edges of the wouldn't let me stop to get some unfortunately. 

It doesn't look real.

Stopped in Wisconsin to see Alan's mom. Vera loves her watermelon:)

And of course Maggie is fascinated with the old water pump.

Made it to Duluth in one piece. 
Lake superior is incredible...don't you agree?


You can tell someone's excited to be home!

Had to get a shot of this right?

I was on an early morning jog when I was stopped by this...much more interesting than 280 traffic.


Cute Duluth


Enger Tower

The view from Enger

Mom and I! It was very windy!

Dramatic Maggie

Picked this before realizing its illegal to pick the flowers...even the wild ones:(

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