Thursday, June 28, 2012

northern estate sales

One of our favorite things to do while visiting his parents is go to estate sales! It is something Alan and I adore as well as the in-laws.

Of course, I want to buy much more than what would be reasonable to take back across five states.

To save money and storage space... I simply snap a picture of things I found, but don't want to purchase.

Yellow Poppies on dinnerware!

I had to talk my dad out of this one. I reminded him we live in 100 degree weather and this would be more appropriate to hunt down seals in the frozen tundra.

A sweet handkerchief...but honestly what would I do with yet another one?

I actually ended up getting this- a fancy clutch and six gray place mats.

If only these hadn't been so pricey...

Precious vintage cutters for those cucumber sandwiches and shortbread cookies!

Yes we get that birds are in now... but isn't this adorable? It is a silver salt & pepper set.

A print on some sheets.

Cute illustration on a match box.

$2 golden peanut necklace

Vintage cake toppers and they were actually half off the tag price... but what would I do with them if I purchased them?

All in all, it was very fun and we found quite a few treasures!

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