Monday, August 29, 2011

new home part 1

Here's a little peek into our new 2 bedroom apartment.

We are in the same complex but this one has the little bit of extra room we needed.

It was a bit of wreck when we moved in so it got a fresh coat of paint and a few decorative touches.

There is still a few things to be done, but its looking great so far.

I just started classes and working on my daily schedule.

 I'm really excited to consistently blog again, and I'll post a few of my graphic design projects soon!
 Alan shaving outside in the garden

 Outside of our apartment
 50 cent frames covered in leftover glossy white paint made for a cheap and satisfying project.
 We are going to put another couch here for seating and move the tv in the opposite corner.
 Our french doors leading out to our patio (which we will use when it eventually cools down)
 My aunt's window painting found a new home in our dining room.
 and so did our bookshelf
 Alan's first leather creation

 Small but functional:)
 In need of some flowers for my kitchen window:)

 Alan hung some creeping jenny in our bathroom window (the steam from the shower is good for them)

 Our bathroom mirror with vanity type lighting.

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