Monday, November 1, 2010

A Proper Estate Sale

Alan and I went to estate sales this past Saturday..

I would just like to take a minute to inform the general public on estate sale etiquette when having or attending such an event.


When having an estate sale:

1. Proper signage is important- Brightly colored and well written (no ghetto cardboard box/duct tape thing please) I would even venture to say balloons would be a nice touch.

2. Try to have a price on as many items as possible. (The whole- "Just ask about the price" thing gets very old and half the time people will not ask because its an uneccessary hassle)

3. On number 2 though, almost always mark up a little because bargaining is fun!

4. Be nice...Bake cookies, or something to that degree

5. If you have but a few items...just donate them don't bother having a sale...

6. Um...also going the half-priced route for the second day is really nice

7. For best success have your sale fall not during football or holidays...

8. is a wonderful tool for crafters everywhere but you could put some of your handiwork in your estate sale (if it is good)

9. Have plenty of change. We recommend only taking cash...If taking checks be sure and get a phone number and drivers liscense # if your worried about fraud. (It is nice to have 2 $20's, 3 $10's, $100 worth of fives, and $30 in ones. = $200.00 total)

10. Finally enjoy it! Its a wonderful thing to take that weird heavy "buy something" pressure off people and have some good non-offensive music playing in the background. Hearing a pin drop in this circumstance is not ideal.


Cervial said...

Is that the white people term for a "garage sale"?

Kaitlin said...

Actually an estate sale is often common with someone who can no longer bring the majority of their household items with them so they sell them. They are much larger than estate sales and often times they are held in peoples homes were everything must go. A garage sale is when you gather to much junk in your abode and don't just want to give it away.