Saturday, September 24, 2011

one year

Alan and I ran away for a little bit to celebrate our first year of marriage.

We left yesterday afternoon for Atlanta and returned tonight.

Even though it was a short trip it was perfect.
 Nothing like a fluffy white hotel bed!
 Hotel keys, map, etc.
 Part of a beautiful lamp in the hotel lobby
 Complimentary Breakfast!
 Complimentary Breakfast!
 It's as if our creamers are sharing a little kiss haha
 Alan couldn't stop staring at this old ride:)
 Part of a fun display for a clothing store in Little Five Points

Oh we also went to IKEA!
 It was my first time and I was hooked.
We ended up just buying some amazing fabric
 (I'll post pictures of future projects using the fabric later)

 Baked Tilapia Meal for $5- deal!!!
 Swedish Meatballs at Ikea!
Goodbye Atlanta

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