Sunday, November 13, 2011

a lingerie shower!

I had the honor of attending my wonderful friend Eleanor's lingerie shower.

It was perfect!

The hostesses discovered the perfect balance of sweet and spicy;)

Sinatra's golden voice was played softly in the background and candles provided a warm glow.

 They had a white sheet hung up to project a video of Andrew being asked
 questions that Eleanor then had to guess what his answer was.
 (Everytime she got an answer wrong though she had to don some ridiculous article
of clothing that she had to strut down the runway at the end.)
 Delicous coffee!
 Desserts galore, including canolis!
 The sweet bride, Eleanor.
 She recieved lots of goodies!!!
The wreath on the door of Jordan's home where the shower was held:)

 There was no way I was leaving without a picture of it-
even though it was pitch black outside though haha!

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