Sunday, May 8, 2011

50 years

My mom is wonderful and her 50th birthday was this past week, so we decided to throw her a surprise party

There was about fifty guests and mom had no idea.

She cried and we all got a chance to show her how much we love her.
 Cake from Edgars
 Hollie and I (I got my hair cut seven inches on friday)
 A bird feeder for her fence
 Tomato plants and an iron door for them to climb up
Salsa garden we planted
We layed down all the flagstone and filled in the cracks with sand.
Dad purchased the wooden swing from a vendor in Tannehill.

 George and Jessie cooking gumbo!
50 candles!

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The Schiess Family said...

What a wonderfull way to show your mom that you love her and for all the wonderfull things that I am sure that she does for you all.
I loved to see all the hard work that you all did just for her.
Love Sandra Schiess