Monday, March 21, 2011

#5 Spend the night in a terminal

Hoorah! I got to do one of my things off the life list this past week

#5 Spend the night in a terminal

Alan and I thought this would be such a smart idea since our flight left so early in the morning...


Top 5 things you need if you are going to attempt this

1. Earplugs
Between the Soul music blasting over head for the overnight crew
 and the news blaring on the tv, or in our case a jackhammer breaking up tile!
Earplugs would be smart if you are interested in getting any shut eye:)

2. A travel pillow
Pick one up from an outfitters store (visit the Mr. Slattery at Mountain High)
Its really nice to have one that is made for traveling that is compactable.

3. Some form of a blanket
Did not expect it to get cold overnight and had to make do with my dress bag....not a good idea

4. Card Game or Book
For boredom

5. A Travel Partner
You do not want to try curling up on your own while the nightcrew is shuffling around you...
not very comforting.

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