Saturday, March 12, 2011

whats next, a minivan?

Why that title?

Well I have thousands of cards people have given me for:
 our wedding, birthdays, sympathy, holidays, thinkin about you, etc.

Some people toss these treasures in the garbage but I refuse.

People took time and money to show me they care...through a card,
 and I will it keep thank you very much!

I hate to call it scrapbooking but that is essentially what this is.

Scrapbooking...Minivan...then pajama jeans???

(Just kidding I will never attempt the second two.)

I took a "scrapbook" (Martha Stewart- TJmaxx-$3.50)

Then I used sticky glue dots to attach all of the wedding cards we recieved
 onto fun cardstock, and old sheet music.

I drew in a few things here and there and wrote some Song of Solomon throughout it too.

I'm finished with the wedding and now onto all the rest of the cards I've gotten throughout my life.

Now I have easy access to all the well wishes and we love yous.


Ms Jane said...

What do those Bed Bath and Beyond cards do?

Mrs. Slatts said...

Oh those all came with gifts from B,B,&B and had short sweet messages on them so I just lined them all up haha