Thursday, March 3, 2011

baby thoughts

Alan and I are four and a half years away from children,

but despite my best efforts I did think today, if I was...

(I'm not by the way)

But if I was what it would be like...

Maternity clothes, painting the nursery, baby names, the works.

So this post is dedicated to the will-be-soon-mothers out there

Pregnant celebrities...even huge they look perfect.

Say what you will about Angelina, but she does know how to rock maternity clothes.

This vivid green dress was created by Max Azria.

This is the one thing I definitely want when we are expecting.

Beautiful Green Baby Sling- $46 by Baby Ette on Etsy

More of this nursery can be found at Offbeat Mama

This is a diaper bag...I know crazy!

Dark olive green bag with adjustable straps- $39 by TippyThai on Etsy

That is all for now but I have plenty of time right?

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