Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adventure Is Out There!

One of my favorite animated fliks is Pixar's "UP".

One of the best parts of the movie is at the end when he looks his late wife's Adventure Book.

He thought she had not filled it, but she did!

 She filled it with pictures and memories of their life together.

You do not have to travel the world to find adventure.

As part of Alan's wedding gift to me, he made me an "Adventure Book".

He bought a journal and at the top of every page he listed a date idea for us to do.

The rule is everytime we complete one we both need to write a little something to look back on.

I want couples dating, engaged, or married to be able to have their own adventures.

If you are hitting a creative block, here are a few ideas
(I am a Birmingham native so if these don't apply to you just sub in your home city.)

1. Tannehill State Park
Go camping for about $20
Bring some marshmallows and a tent!
Trade Days are the third weekend of every month.
(Its a kind of flea market/ craft fair thing)

2. Birmingham Museum of Art
It's free but you can make a donation if you want.
After you roam the museum go across the street to the Beautiful Linn Park.
Take out your sketch pads and pencils and create!

3. Birmingham Airport
Park your car where you can see the runway.
Make up stories about where the planes are going and what the people are doing.
Where would you two go right now if you could?

4. Rock Climbing
Indoor- 1st Avenue Rocks- downtown ($15)
Outdoor- Moss Rock Preserve- Hoover (FREE)
Pack a lunch to share!

5. What's On Second?
Go to the ATM, withdraw $10 for each of you.
See who can find the best item at What's On Second? (its a vintage store)
for $10 and whoever wins buys lunch!
Might I suggest Urban Standard, its only a few stores down.

If your interested in purchasing your own adventure book
 you can find it on my favorite site ETSY!

Adventure Is Out There!

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Chelsie Briana said...

Love, love, love this idea! I'll totally steal it...when I have someone special to have adventures with!