Monday, February 28, 2011


Alan and I have been on a few adventures lately to try and get away from routine.

This first adventure was a little spontaneous

We first stopped at Davenport's for pizza, and I am sorry to conclude that for the price...
Whole Foods is much better and cheaper.

This was our next stop.
The neighborhood near Vulcan.
This is our city.

Swung by Alabama Theatre for old times sake.

We then went to the new Railroad Park and it is amazing!

I cannot wait for picnics and movies in the summer.

This "estate sale" was not very good but it was worth coming just to see this house!

And this was taken today when Mountain Brook was being
hailed upon as well as lightning strikes every 2 seconds!

Alan and I found a sweet window planter that we will plant flowers in

and we are on the prowl for some cute (yet afordable) patio furniture.
We need a small iron table and two chairs to go on the back deck for our "breakfast nook".
And for our screened in porch out front we need either a hammock for two or a comfy outdoor loveseat.
I can't wait for BBQs, and lake visits, and watermelon....Oh summer I'm glad you're coming early!

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