Friday, February 11, 2011

an old favorite

A Little Princess (1995 version not the shirley temple)

This was probably my favorite movie growing up, and where I fell in love with India as well.

I went back and watched it recently but with a inspirational eye instead of just for "feel-good-movie" time.

I love the colors used for this 30's-40's New York boarding school.

Emerald green and some brass accents.

Or the opposite side of the world- India where she grew up

Exciting patterns in jewel tones that make you want to escape there.
I understand using color in decorating often time dates your rooms, but for this movie it is perfect!

When we do decide to have children down the road,
our little girl's room will probably look like the picture above.


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Eryn Lindsey said...

OMG I was JUST thinking about this movie yesterday! It was a fave of mine growing up too.

Ok, let's be honest, it's STILL one of my fave's. :)