Thursday, February 24, 2011

be my sweet bride

Alan and I are going to Minnesota in less than a month.

We are going to visit his family while we are there,
 but also we are going to celebrate our marriage with his family and friends.

My amazing inlaws are throwing us a second reception and I can't wait!

This is also an opportunity for me to go for a different wedding look
than the one I sported on our Big Day back in September.

 Because as much as I tried to make it what I had visioned it didn't quite get there style wise.

Don't get me wrong that was the best day of my life, but I think every bride goes back in her mind and says

"I would have done this a little differently."

My new name has Irish origins and in honor of that and St. Patty's Day,
we will celebrate through some sweet wedding details.


Here they are

Our September Wedding Wardrobe
I'm adding this to the wardrobe- Unbuttoned over my dress

(Keep in mind it's minnesota so it is still frigid up there
and I would like my arms covered thank you very much.)I am trying to decide between the following three shoes: the oxford flat, the classic pump, or the lace up boot?

What do you think?

 That is for my wardrobe and as far as Alan goes... we still need to figure that out :)

Well now with our wardrobe out of the way on to a few reception details.

As our "guest book" we will do what we did back in September.

Handwritten notes are very important to Alan and I from day one of our relationship so instead of people
 just signing a guest book, we have vintage linen postcards for people to write a message to us.

Short and sweet but meaningful.

Next up are wedding favors for all the sweet people who come to see us!

We were thinking our wedding music on cds ...

Here are but a few that were in our ceremony:

Who knows where the time goes- Kate Rusby
Your'e Beautiful- Phil Wickham
All My Devotion- Kristene Mueller

with a bundle of 5 of our favorite wedding pictures tied to the cd with twine!

What are your thoughts on this?


Lauren said...

I like the pump:) How fun to get to basically get to do wedding again! And another chance to wear your dress!

paula said...

You all looked gorgeous! Love the details too. so beautiful.

I couldn't get the pics to link but it was in feb under bridals on kellens site :)

Ms Jane said...

Which shoe did you choose? :)

Mrs. Slatts said...

Thanks you guys for all the comments:) I chose a pair of worn leather flats from the thrift store...I'll post very soon