Saturday, February 12, 2011


An old steamer trunk

300 page book of original local Birmingham architect's sketches

Portable working old's very heavy

A few of the architects tools- free

Mini buisness man books

5 Architect forum magazines from the 50's

More vintage sheet music for projects!

As of our adventure this morning.

We had planned to go to 5 different estate sales
but we spent all our time at this week's Bryant Estate sale!

We purchased everything for a more than reasonable price.

Afterwards we drove ourselves along with our loot over to meet our good friends
 Chadwick and Erika at Mr. Chen's in Hoover!

Who could resist an old trunk and then a bubble tea?


Chelsie Briana said...

This makes me so happy! I'm so glad I got to see your apartment so I know how well all this will fit in there =D I so wish we were in the same city to do life together!

Lauren said...

I just realized I never comment on your blog! I promise it's not personal: I'm a blog stalker and not much of a blog commenter. Anyway, I love your blog. It's one of my faves. And not just cuz I know you, cuz we have so many same tastes:)

Love you!