Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home Part III

Alan's orchid in our dining room window

Our current system of organizing all our creative supplies!

Built in cabinets that house our dishes and cookbooks

Flour, Sugar, Rice, and Bread Tin. We also used an old oatmeal tin to put in loose change in.

Martha Stewart and the dried carnations are from Alan's December "I love you" to me

Where all of our mail is kept! This painting was found at a thrift store- $4

This is the final installment of our home...for now:)

It really has made me realize that when you come home, you want something
that will feel different than any other place you go to during your week.

You want a haven. A resting place. A sanctuary.

 Even though our place looks a little like an antique store it is our home and its perfect for us.

Create your own refuge.


Lauren said...

Love it!

paula said...

It's all so beautiful. great work lady!